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Shampoo Bars & Conditioner Bars

Did you know that over 80 BILLION plastic bottles are discarded into the environment on a global scale? Many from the shampoo and conditioner bottles that we use. Sustainability is very important to me and I want my company to embrace that ideal. So, at Kasha27 we are being more conscious about plastic use and packaging. Many times our products are naked (don't peek😂🤣) and minimal packaging. Please recycle and watch your carbon footprint. Buy local, buy clean.

With that in mind Kash27 is introducing solid shampoo bars which offer a 3 in 1 use. You can shampoo your hair, shave or use as a body wash. The bars last for 50-80 uses and save on plastic bottles. They are concentrated shampoo making it ideal to travel or take to gym. Conditioner bars are also available. The solid conditioner bars are creamy and detangle very well. There is info on all of the ingredients in a document saving to the site. The shampoo bars will be available to order on this website by the end of the month. Available to sell at our local Farmers Market in Canton, GA and Kennesaw State University Farmers Market at KSU in Kennesaw, GA.

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