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This was our  first logo design


~A message from the artisan~


     Kasha27 is run by Lucretia Armstrong and Cayla Armstrong, a mother daughter team.

      What started out as gifts of body butter 2012, soon evolved into a business in 2014. Now joined by her daughter Cayla Armstrong, the two haven't looked back since. 


It is our mission to encourage others to create your spa experience and rejuvenate, relax and replenish. Our products are just the thing to get started. 

Lucretia's background is in healthcare and education (over 25 years). She believes that family is extremely important and self care is healthcare. 


"Creating the space and time for self is extremely important, having the right products to do so is priceless."


Cayla's background is in media and graphic arts design. She's a talented artist in her own right. 

"Creativity is everywhere, art leaves nothing untouched. It's important to rejuvenate the spirit."


Kasha27, LLC. is family-owned and operated in Cherokee County, GA.  All products are handcrafted with quality organic and natural raw ingredients. Be sure to check back often for what's new!

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