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Time Flies...

Oh my goodness!! Time truly flies when you are having fun. Just think a few months ago this was all just a thought in my mind. The past few months of activity at the Kasha27 workshop include adding handcrafted soaps to the repertoire. Love that word...'repertoire'

"Repertoire refers to the full supply of what you can do. A singer's repertoire is all the songs he can sing. A chef's repertoire is what she knows how to cook." -

I don't know if I'll ever have a "full supply of what I can do", because I love to learn new things daily.

Soap making is definitely an art form. I threw out countless batches and ended up creating my own recipes and made everyone in the family try them over and over again. Yes, that's right no animal testing but family testing all day...LOL! Thank God my family is so patient and adventurous. There were quite a few thumbs down. But the soaps that got the ok's will appear on the website soon. Remember, small batches, so first come first served. Many of the soaps take from two to six weeks to cure completely and I use cold process and hot process. Don't worry, I'll explain these technical terms in a future blog, or maybe a video. Ooooo video!


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