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        Believe me, it took me a LONG time to join the PUMPKIN LOVEFEST train but, it's not so bad. I think the hoopla surrounding pumpkin season through me off. Too much, too saccharin, too fake. 

        When any good thing is over made commercially it loses that lovely quality, that yumminess...that's where homemade & handmade creations can capture and embrace you, makes you feel that special warm emotion. I think I fell in love with the scent of pure pumpkin again. The scent of the season! It's warm, rich, sweet, earthy and home. A precursor to the holiday get togethers of family and friends. 

          Kasha27 looked high and low for the right blends. A few natural and organic ingredients along with amazing fragrance oils (of course pthalate and paraben free) and added it to our Pumpkin line. Look for our body butter, sugar butter body soap frosting, pumpkin pie body soap, and even a pumpkin pie lip butter. So, join me in welcoming PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! 🎃

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