In the workshop...

Nola my Morkie (maltese & yorkie) super cute!

My first BLOG post! Talk about excited. I have so much to share. But, first let me tell you a little about what you may find in these posts.

First off, my gratitude in finding a way to express myself creatively and share special things that I love creating! Recipes, trends, inspirations, fabulous new things.

Second, insights into my day which is usually family related. I know, I know, yawn fest time. But, sometimes the funniest things happen. You never know. Being an almost empty nester, having adult kids, a hubby talking about retirement, and a Morkie (Yorkie & Maltese, aka cutie patootie mutt), Nola. You never know what you will find in these lines.

And, thirdly, well, I don't know as of yet what will be thirdly. Maybe education.Yes! Education! Knowledge is an incredible weapon. It is actually the purest form of power one can possess besides love. Yes, I tend to be a bit philosophical...but poetic at the same time. Anyway, knowledge about the products you use on your body, the ingredients I choose to use and any questions that may send my way.