September 3, 2018

             Did you know that over 80 BILLION plastic bottles are discarded into the environment on a global scale? Many from the shampoo and conditioner bottles that we use. Sustainability is very important to me and I want my company to embrace that ideal. So, at Ka...

September 2, 2018

 😁        I just saw a leaf on the lawn...I know, no need for alarm, a few weeks of summer are officially left to us this season. But, the evenings up here in the North Georgia mountains are getting cooler so we may see an early fall.


October 17, 2017

        Believe me, it took me a LONG time to join the PUMPKIN LOVEFEST train but, it's not so bad. I think the hoopla surrounding pumpkin season through me off. Too much, too saccharin, too fake. 

        When any good thing is over made commercially it loses that love...

August 21, 2017

Golden time...HAPPY BIRTHDAY age 50. Joy, excitement and a sense of peace. I love this age.