Inner Dimensions: 3.25 x 4 x 12 


Handmade by our skilled crew! 

So you're ready to start making more soaps. Try our beautiful wooden soap mold with a swinging door. It is just the thing to get you started on your soap making journey. 


-Suggested Dimensions- 

Tall and skinny soap 2.25" × 3.75" × 12"  1 Loaf = 11 bars

Regular bar 3.25" × 3.25 × 12"    1 Loaf = 11 bars



*Made to Order, 2 - 3 weeks for completion of order*


**A$25 shipping charge is included with this item. The Grand Slam soap mold is a big one, as such the shipping prices can vary.  We will contact you if your shipping exceeds the anticipated shipping charge. **

Adjustable Wooden Soap Mold